Redefining digital collectibles through art, gamification and passive rewards.

The Foundation

We believe in 4 core elements as crucial for achieving our goals and ensuring the project's success.


The power to onboard users from outside the NFT sphere.

Top-tier art has the power to capture an audience. And not just the audience of a single blockchain but it has the power to onboard users from other blockchains and from outside the NFT sphere.

This has been demonstrated by our ability to attract a wide range of users, from Solana, Polygon, and Ethereum to Cardano.


Connect, collaborate, and earn with like-minds.

We designed HOT with a focus on community building, aiming to create a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem where holders can connect, collaborate, and achieve something extraordinary together.

We adopted a distinctive White List approach named the House List. Instead of the usual grind for white lists that often end up benefiting bots or short-term-oriented holders, we devised a straightforward application process. Users are invited to share information about themselves and their motivations for joining our community. This method enabled us to construct a robust community foundation by actively selecting members who align with our project's vision.


A forward-thinking and relentless team.

To ensure the success of any project, a capable team with a relentless "never give up" mentality is essential. At HOT, we thrive on being proactive problem solvers, eagerly embracing new challenges that come our way.

We are deeply committed to this project and we're willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our holders. Our goal is to provide as much utility to our stakeholders as possible.


Exploring gamification and revenue streams.

We see our art, team, and community as compelling reasons to hold. However, our main focus is taking a utility-driven approach with a strong focus on gamification & revenue streams. We also utilize the Cip-68 standard with our NFTs and are not scared to try new innovative ideas.

At the heart of our vision is the transformation of House Of Titans from an NFT project into a thriving and expanding business, achieved by exploring diverse revenue streams.


Earn from 4 different types of revenue streams by simply holding a Stronghold NFT.

Mining Points

65% of our mining revenue goes to our holders.

Staking Points

20% of our mining profits go to holders staking PFP NFTs.

Royalty Points

33% of NFT royalties go to holders of Royalty Points.

IAG Points

Proudly partnered with Iagon, we earn from staking $IAG.


Choose from 20 Houses to join and earn increased yield and additional bonuses.

House of Undead

House of Undead

In the shadows of the realm, there arose a house like no other—the House of the Undead. Born from ancient curses and forgotten rituals, this mysterious house had an eerie allure that both fascinated and frightened those who dared to speak its name.

The House of the Undead traced its lineage back to a time long past, when dark sorcery and necromancy were whispered of in hushed tones. Their ancestors were said to have mastered the forbidden arts, wielding the power to command the restless souls of the departed.

House of Wisdom

House of Wisdom

In a realm steeped in ancient knowledge and wisdom, thrives the House of Wisdom.

These wise individuals possess a wealth of expertise spanning various fields like history, science, and more. They safeguard ancient tomes, repositories of knowledge passed down through ages, harnessing their wisdom to elevate the collective intellect of the world.

House of Apollo

House of Apollo

Bathed in the golden light of inspiration, the House of Apollo graces the world with boundless artistic flair.

Descendants of radiant muses and champions of creativity, they infuse life with the magic of the arts.

House of Atlas

House of Atlas

In the House of Atlas, strength was not measured solely by physical might but by the weight of burdens one carried with grace. Strength is not just in muscle; it is in resilience, wisdom, and unyielding spirit. Through unity and determination, House of Atlas stands as a beacon of hope, proving that together, even the heaviest loads could be borne and the most daunting challenges conquered.

Stake to HOT pool

Earn passive ADA rewards from supporting the Cardano protocol through the HOT pool.

HOT Stakepool

Upgraded to Mithril and a verified Droperator pool at Drip Dropz, we have the HOTTEST stakepool on Cardano. Join us and earn passive ADA.

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At House of Titans, we strive to work to a higher standard than many others we have seen before, and at our core, we want to work with the community to reward HOT holders and be worthy of their support.

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